Bleriot Flyer

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Untitled, a photo by goodgollycr on Flickr.

We visited Washington DC a few weeks ago and got to visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Inside there is an exhibit of the Bleriot Flyer that we read about when we rowed The Glorious Flight.


Lighthouse Field Trip

As we row Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge this week I thought it was time to post some pictures to the St. Augustine Lighthouse. It's been a year since we visited!







Ornament Exchange 2010

These are the ornaments we received from our fellow 'rowers'. We had fun looking for them to come in the mail. Thank you!

ornament exchange 2010

Harry and his Lapbook

snuffle face

Nathan received a new pet for Christmas. A hedgehog! He has been a lot of fun to observe. When feeling threatened he hisses and sounds a lot like a snake. Not to mention, his spines are quite prickly!


I didn't have any books on Hedgehogs, so we made our own using the free lapbook at Homeschool Share.

Hedgehog Lapbook

Inside Hedgehog Lapbook


Hanna's Cold Winter

To finish up with our week of Hanna's Cold Winter we had an art day.  The boys drew their Hippos using the Draw Right Now book and then used watercolors to paint it.

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Lunar Eclipse

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We had a spectacular view of the eclipse from our front yard!

Annual Ornament Exchange

This is our third year exchanging ornaments with other FIAR moms and kids. I know I enjoy it as much as the boys do. Well, maybe even a little more. :o)

This year the boys selected Harold and the Purple Crayon for our book on which to base our ornament. We made a very simple crayon using purple cardstock.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.