Katy No-Pocket

I have been sorry that I did not pull out the Five in a Row sooner. We have really passed the last time they would be perfect for my kids and Seth did not get to do any of them. In November, Spencer took Christopher to the States with him and I spent this time going over a couple of Before Five in a Row books with Nathan and Seth.

I found these great animal classification cards at Homeschool Share and put together a lap book that we can re-visit with each new set. One thing I would do differently: instead of making the entire book red, I would have used two different colored folders to better separate the Vertabrates from the Invertabrates. I used pockets I had picked up at a school supply store and trimmed the cards in order to make them fit.
The Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia: The Natural World proved to be a good backbone as the kids had questions about animals we encountered.

On the last day with Katy we painted, an idea I had gotten from here (through HomeschoolShare). The boys enjoyed painting.
Then Alix decided to join in the fun. We enjoyed looking at examples and she even looked into the meanings of the different patterns.

And of course I had to try it too. (I cheated a little, the snake was already printed on the page)

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