Very Last First Time

Other books we read this week:

Stone Fox was a huge hit. By reading 2 chapters a day, we easily covered it in one week. The boys loved it. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. This mama cried at the end.

Mama, Do You Love Me? has great information in the back on the Inuit culture.

We enjoyed looking at landscape pictures in the Come, Look With Me and discussing warm and cool colors.

I put a bowl of water in the freezer, just long enough for the top to freeze over. Then we chipped a hole in the top and 'Lego man' went in to hunt for some mussels. Then, as the water melted, he was in danger of the tide. Nate and Seth loved this so much they did it again the next day.

Christopher made an igloo and dog sled team.

For art, we used pastels and made pictures using warm and cool colors.

Christopher's Polar Bear Skiing

Nathan had a hard time with ideas.

Seth's Volcanoes

Our Notebook pages:





Draw Write Now connection

Homeschool Share for Flag Minit Book

Inuit / Northern Lights YouTube video Beautiful!

Candace's blog for pictures of Alaska

Hands of a Child Sled Dog Lapbook - we did this after rowing VLFT. (a freebie from HomeschoolEStore a few weeks ago.)

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