Grandfather's Journey

Some extra books we read:

  • Shipwrecked is about a Japanese fisherman who is shipwrecked, travels to the US, then is very influential in the opening of Japan to western ideas and trade, after being closed to all outside influences for 200 years.
  • Mieko and the Fifth Treasure takes place in Japan shortly after the atom bomb is dropped.
  • Geography A to Z was a comprehensive guide to all kinds of land forms and bodies of water.
  • Great Events That Changed the World has a two page spread on WWII. It gives a great overview, including the bomb dropped on Japan.

Minit books from HomeSchool Share. We did some science pages from The Giant Science Resource Book.

We did the Draw Write Now bird picture and origami from Enchanted Learning. (The whale went nicely with our Shipwrecked read-aloud as some of the story took place on a whaling ship.)

We did a picture study using this Picture Study Notebook Page. Then the boys did an interpretation of 'The Great Wave' .

Art Links:
36 Views of Mt. Fuji
The Great Wave
Art Activity (we didn't do this, I disovered it after we painted)

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