SpellQuizzer - A Review

I have never been able to successfully implement a spelling program in our homeschool. I have tried several different programs but, quite honestly, did not take the time they required to be consistent with them. If we were going to spend time together I would much rather use it doing history or reading together, not running through a spelling list.

My latest spelling failure was Sequential Spelling. After reading up on it, I love the organization and the principles behind it. I really wanted this one to work for us. But once again, I was unable to put in the time to implement it. Until now...

I was recently approached and asked to try SpellQuizzer. SpellQuizzer is a computer program that reads the word to the student and the student types in the correct spelling. If the spelling is incorrect, the correct spelling is flashed on the screen and they are given another opportunity to spell it correctly at the end of the quiz. Read more here from the website.

It is not designed to go with one spelling curriculum, but can be used with ANY spelling list or program. It can even be used alone as there are spelling lists available on the website. Because you can record your own spelling lists easily, any student can use it.

This is how I am using it: I have the Sequential Spelling books 1 & 2. It was very easy for me to go through and add in my own spelling list with my own voice recording the word. I can even make the lists personal and throw in inside family jokes and family names.

My 13yo son then goes in daily and selects that day's list and listens to his words and types in the answer. It is that easy. He can now do his spelling without waiting for me. I can set up the month's spelling lists late at night or whenever I have time to do it. The best part is that the lists are saved for my other two boys to use when they are ready.

One thing I would like to see in the future would be a partnership with Sequential Spelling that would allow me to buy their word lists along with pre-recorded sentences and cues.

Some variations on using the program:
Vocabulary lists: record the definition and your student will enter in the vocabulary word.
Quizzes for other subjects: record your questions and the answer can be used in place of the spelling word. (idea from Lisa)

I see this as really being a valuable tool for my family and am thrilled that we were introduced to it! You can check out the Free trial HERE.

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