Little Bear

Seth is really enjoying reading Little Bear. Sadly, I don't think I ever read these aloud to him, but he is now enjoying reading them himself.

I am also trying to work in more copywork this year and he is enjoying working on these pages as he is working through the Little Bear books.

I am pleasantly surprised that my rough-housing, video-game-loving boy can still enjoy these childhood favorites!


Scrappymom and Family! said...

It's funny, we watch little bear on tv and yet we haven't really read any little bear books either! We own one, and i don't think that we've read it more than once! I think that I'm gonna have to include some of these in the bedtime story shelf!!

Edwena said...

Loved looking at what you all are doing. It's very cool that you're missionaries. I've gone on two missions trips to Haiti. We love to support missionaries financially and prayerfully here too. Sending up some prayers for you and your family.