Three Names

Some weeks we pretty much stick to the lessons in the Five in a Row manual and don't write much down. This was one of those weeks. :o)


Scrappymom and Family! said...

Just wanted to say "hi!" and let you know that i love to check in on your blog! (we're new to homeschooling and love to see what others are doing! you're inspiring!)

thanks! :D

Jen Unsell said...

Molly- where did you get your journal books that the kids are writing and drawing in. We have the Draw write now books that go along with the books- but I would love some books like what your kids are writing in for the fiar lessons.

Molly said...

Jen - I bought these at Wal-Mart in the art section. They are blank sketch books. They were about $4 each.

Next time, however, I would look for ones that did not have perforated pages. Seth's is falling apart because he looks at his the most and the pages are so heavy that they are pulling apart at the perforation.

When I went I couldn't find anything in the scrapbook section, which is where Sheri said she found hers.